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Base tag, IE and JavaScript
August 31, 2006

If you use the <base> tag, links in JavaScript ( for example) will ignore the <base> tag. The way around it is to make the link in the JavaScript relative to the domain.

<base href=””&gt;

The JavaScript should look like this.‘/this_site/page2.html’);


August 11, 2006

This is what I’ve found after trying various IDEs available for PHP.

If anyone has any suggestions or thinks they know the solution to the listed problem, please comment. I need a good editor and I have yet to find one.

  • PHP IDE (Eclipse)
  1. – Cannot deal with simple lines such as: $var = “value={$value}”;
  2. – IntelliSense does not include other files/included files.
  • TruStudio (Eclipse)
  1. – Errors prevent it from working (errors when creating project, errors when setting include/library paths)
  • PHPEclipse (Eclipse)
  1. – IntelliSense does not include other files/included files.
  2. – Cluttered Menus
  3. – Go to Definition does nothing
  • VS.PHP SE (Visual Studio)
  1. – Flawed code completion
  2. – Pasting messed up indentation randomly in file
  • ActiveState Komodo / PHP
  1. – No functionality to set Include/Library paths
  • DreamWeaver
  1. – Editor, not IDE (IntelliSense limited to PHP functions)
  • PHPEdit [Waterproof]
  1. – Cannot create project from existing files
  • Zend Studio
  1. – Cannot set Include/Library paths